The language of flowers

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“Hanakotoba" 花言葉 is the language of flowers. Flowers have always been popular in anime. From the old to new anime, a flower is usually featured in some type of way. I’ve always been fascinated by roses, specifically, and their meanings. The goal is to release a flower in every other drop and showcase the beautiful language of flowers.

The most common flower is a red rose, as most of us know, represents love and romance. But there are many other roses which also have symbolic meanings. Our first flower tee “Kansha“  感謝 means thanks, appreciation, or gratitude in Japanese. The kanji is truly beautiful and the hand holding the white rose signifies that. The most recent rose tee "Yashin" 野心 means ambition in Japanese. The orange rose is the wildflower of the rose family, with feelings of gratitude. There are a few more roses such as the yellow, pink, blue and even black. I will be exploring these roses and their meanings throughout the year and build our very own “Hanakotoba” collection that we can look back on. Hopefully, you can be a part of this collection and learn about the significances of roses in Japanese culture! This article is not a part of the volume series. However, volume 4 is going to be the best article to date! Thanks for reading..

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