About Us

Animatr is based in Pennsylvania, United States.

We ship worldwide. 

“Animatr Apparel is a streetwear clothing brand that breaks down the negative stereotypes of people who watch japanese animation "anime." Animatr changes that narrative by providing meaningful and beautiful streetwear that audiences will appreciate.”

There are a lot of misconceptions around people who like anime. That misconception is that they are being outcasts of society or just viewed as weird in general. This is not true. We fight that narrative with our beautiful streetwear designs with positive meaning. Our streetwears purpose is to attract anime and NON anime fans alike. We want those non-anime fans to recognize the positives of  japanese art and animation. Animatr is more than just a japanese inspired streetwear brand. 

You don’t have to like japanese art or animation, but atleast have cultural appreciation.

We have an ongoing volume series on the cultural state of anime and a lot of food for thought click here.